Saturday, July 12, 2014

Michigan, Day 3: Mackinac Island

Our second day on Mackinac Island had us eating breakfast at the famous Grand Hotel which we explored afterwards. It was also a rainy day (Claudia's rain canopy for the stroller was a wise investment) so we decided to seek cover with a carriage ride and tour around the island.

A picture of the Grand Hotel in the distance, taken on a much nicer day. 

Old photo booths still inside the hotel. Loved the classic hotel decor so much. 

One of the seating areas inside the hotel. 

Joe and Claudia sitting on the porch of the hotel. 

This is the type of horse carriage tour we took in the afternoon. (This photo was also taken on a much sunnier day.) It was cool and rainy and Claudia snuggled up against me and soon fell asleep. 


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