Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Week

People often ask me what Claudia and I do all week. So here's a glimpse.

Monday we had our first-ever sick visit with the doctor for an ear infection. We stayed home from story time at the library to snuggle. 

Tuesday we went to our mom's group and then out for lunch with friends. (Yes, C is wearing a jean skirt.) 

Wednesday we met mommy's old coworkers for lunch and then we met our friend Cooper at the park.

Thursday we went to a Clifford the Big Red Dog storytime event and then met one of mommy's friends for an early dinner since daddy had to work late. 

After lunch with daddy, we met Cooper again on Friday at the pool. (Swimming really means sitting on mommy's lap in the baby pool.) 

Saturday we went to the French Market. 

Sunday afternoon we had a baby play date at our friend, Rose's house.


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