Monday, June 07, 2010


My husband is a self-proclaimed "theatre guy." His mother had him listening to all the great sounds of Broadway from a young age. So when I heard Liza Minnelli was coming to town on Sunday night, I knew immediately it would be a must-see show for us. The funny thing is that when Joe told people he was going to the show, some people started offering their condolences and telling him what a great husband he was and I how I really owed him big-time. Um, this show? These tickets? All for Joe. :)

Now here's my confession - I only knew a couple of her songs last night. While Joe knew everything she sang, my biggest point of reference for Liza is that she had a regular role in one of my favorite television shows - Arrested Development. Nevertheless, I did enjoy her star quality and the chance to sing-a-long to the songs I did know. And for all you Sex and the City fans - no, she didn't sing "Single Ladies."


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