Monday, February 07, 2011

My favorites

Okay, I am not too happy about having to DVR the Oscars this year (although I am still really excited about the David Gray concert) but thought I would compile my list of favorite movies. We watched, "The Kids Are All Right," last week which means we've seen all ten nominated movies. And while that movie was good, it was in no way an Oscar contender in my opinion. Here's my top five favorite movies from last year in no particular order:

  • 127 Hours - James Franco is amazing. If he won Best Actor, he would totally deserve it. The movie wasn't all gory, boring or depressing either like you might expect. It was so well done and afterwards Joe and I both commented on how motivating it was to watch. It totally makes you want to do something with yourself or, if nothing else, get off the couch and get outdoors. Also, Joe did NOT want to go see this movie but he went anyway and ended up loving it, too.
  • Toy Story 3 - I did not expect that this would be one of the best movies that I saw this year but it was awesome. I also didn't expect to sit in the theatre and bawl through most of it but I did. Several days later, I was still thinking about this movie.
  • Winter's Bone - This is Joe's number one movie of the year. I found it so suspenseful that I was on the edge of my seat throughout most of it.
  • Social Network - I love Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland and Adventureland pretty much rock my socks off and I highly recommend them both) and Justin Timberlake and they were both expectedly fabulous. Unexpectedly fabulous was Andrew Garfield. He just may have been my favorite character in the movie. Also fun to watch was Armie Hamer - what a great cast!
  • The King's Speech - I will admit that Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter both typically "bug" me but not in this movie. Not only were they great but this is a drama that is anything but boring. Also, I love Colin Firth and we share the same birthday. 'Nuff said.
UPDATE: I just realized that I didn't add Catfish to the list. It was for sure one of my most favorite movies of the year...I'm going to have to say that this documentary was definitely a fav...guess I now have a "Top Six" list.


Nichole said...

Alex watched "The Social Network" on the way home from India and said it was great. I saw "The Kids Are All Right" and "Winter's Bone" via Netflix, and I wasn't terribly impressed with either of them. Of the Best Picture nominees I've seen, I think "Toy Story 3" was definitely the best.

Amy said...
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groovininthesun said...

I am going to rent Catfish now. And your are right, Jesse had me at Adventureland. I also loved Franco.

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