Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our weekend

Last night was event number one (a "work" event for Joe) and tonight we'll be attending event number two. (The photo is from last night.) Tomorrow night is our Valentine's dinner as Joe's photography class is Monday night. The reservations were made before I knew about event one and two so we have a full weekend of dressing up. Also on the agenda is a visit from our landlords to look at the house before we move out next month. They want to assess what they need to do in terms of carpet and paint when we move. I don't know why this is completely stressing me out but it is so off to do more cleaning.


Mom said...

A very good looking couple!

Judith said...

Don't you two look great! Hope the full dance-card was fun & low stress. And just think--soon there will be no more landlord coming to look at...anything! 8-)

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