Thursday, April 10, 2008

The questions of life

I often count on my friends to help me ponder the many questions of life. And I happen to usually have a strong opinion about these questions of life. (I know, totally hard to believe, right?) So I want to know what my readers think. We'll see how it goes and this may become a regular feature here at girl about town. Below is my current question of life in the form of a statement for you to answer. And, yes, I have a strong opinion. Taina and I first dialogued about this subject weeks ago, maybe months, but the subject just hasn't seemed to die.

Taco Bueno is
don't know; never tried it
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Taina said...

sorry to all you texans in missouri. :) I'll eat there if you force me to, but i would never CHOOSE it. I've eaten there twice and that was two times too many. while I admit I don't think missouri has the best mexican food (its better than Louisiana, nowhere NEAR the mexican in California), i'll take El Maguey ANY day. Taco Bueno would probably be my LAST choice of mexican food here in town. how's that for a strong opinion? :)

Rach said...

Here's a stronger opinion. B and I both decided that we liked Taco Bell better than Taco Bueno. :)

BexInTheCity said...

my apologies to the Tidmore's, who I know love the place... but I think it's barfalicious. I agree with Rach, I'd rather have Taco Bell... but my Mexican food of choice in Columbia is Rio Grande. =]

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