Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Donnie's girl

By now, I'm sure you all realize, if you didn't already know before, I was a huge NKOTB fan growing up. Loved them. Had a bedroom practically wallpapered with pages from Tiger Beat and any other teeny bopper magazine I could get my hands on. When my friend, Amber and I finally went to a concert it was a dream come true. (Three cheers for my cool parents for driving us and dropping us off!) So now that the reunion is happening, their new single is out this week and they are performing live for the first time in fifteen years on The Today Show this Friday, I am super psyched. I have found myself with some school-girl giddiness that I haven't seen for quite some time. (Maybe since Nichole and I had a run-in with Jordan a few years back.)

This brings me to my poll...Who was your favorite New Kid? Donnie was my favorite. I even had a button on my jean jacket that said, "I'm Donnie's girl." I also wrote him a very serious poem about how much I loved him and handed it to one of his security people after the concert I attended. I'd like to believe it's still floating around somewhere out there...

Who was/is your favorite New Kid?
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Nichole said...

I'll bet Donnie was going through his old things and found a copy of your poem. And he thought to himself, "I owe it to this girl to get back up there and do some synchronized dancing!" So he called up the other Kids, and the rest is history.

Sandi said...

I always loooved Joe, and I think it was because he was closer to my age. This your-loving-Donnie thing is really throwing me for a loop. :)

Amy said...

Sandi, I can only say I was probably 13 going on 20! Go figure...

Sandi said...

Okay, so I watched this morning, and I can't say that I was SUPER impressed, although there were a lot of women our age there who were... :) Nevertheless, it's fun that they're back together for a tour.

Anonymous said...

Remember after we went to the basketball game in Moberly (when we were quite old) and stopped at WalMart to get the NKOTB album and they only had one? I found it the other day. Not sure how much I actually listened to it???


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