Friday, May 30, 2008

Dreams do come true

I was so afraid of being let down. I had been looking forward to this day for a very long time and I didn't want the big expectations to lead to a big disappointment. And just before the lights dimmed, somewhere between the popcorn, the laughter and the smiles, there was silence.

It was a bittersweet moment that Breanne, Monica and I shared where we realized - this was it. I'm not talking about the movie. I'm talking about life. I'm finally getting married and moving away. Breanne is just weeks (days) away from being a new mom. And Monica has been contemplating her next big adventure.

Things are changing. Life for the three of us will probably never be quite the same. How appropriate and how fitting that our last hurrah, the last time where we would probably all be together so footloose and fancy-free the way were in this moment, would be at this movie.

I can only say that I laughed and I cried for two and a half hours straight. And with a movie based around love, heartbreak, weddings, babies and friendship, I couldn't help but read between the lines. I couldn't help but see the similarities. And I wasn't disappointed; it was perfect. When my gut stopped hurting from laughing and my heart stopped hurting from crying, I wanted more. C'est la vie.

On my way home, I called my own Mr. Big. He waited up for me. He wanted to know how the story ended. If I liked it. If it was everything I hoped for. It was and more. Dreams do come true.


Rach said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for not making me go. :)

Nichole said...

I'm glad it was wonderful.

Alison said...

I just so loved this movie. So loved it, for reasons we already discussed. I had to comment to say that Breanne looks radiant as a mom-to-be, and Monica, you're looking FABULUOS these days! Go you, and whatever you're doing!

Amy Sue said...

I just cried....thanks
I sit back often and wonder...why do we have to change and why do we go from here to there making marks in the world? I know it's God's intentions...but why? I hate saying goodbye and I hate hurting....but it's part of life I realize...only to start a new chapter in this beautiful thing called LIFE! :) Congrats Amy....there are so many new things out there and Im so glad you met your "prince charming". :)

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