Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I'm feeling really stressed. Joe is supposed to be here this weekend and I'm really looking forward to that but my list of things to do is so long! Fortunately, he said he'd help me take care of things one by one. I honestly can't remember another time in my life where I've had so much going many BIG things going on. We are supposed to have pictures taken on Saturday and scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast. And my apartment looks like a tornado has gone through it. And I have a late meeting tonight so no time to clean. And did I mention my list of things to do? Sigh.


Rach said...

You'll make it. Just make sure to not take it out on Joe. Ask him for help. Ask God for help.

kate m. said...

I frequently have to remind myself that the things I feel that I need to do will still be around tomorrow. Hopefully, you can just take it easy and remember that anything without a specific time constraint will be handled eventually. Don't kill yourself! Love you!

Alison said...

Hey Princess,

I love Joe. One thing at a time...what a great person to share your life with...someone who can see your needs and help you meet them. You're so lucky! =) You're going to do what you're capable of doing, and not beat yourself up for not being able to do more.

Love you!

Sandi said...

Amy, I'm praying that God feels your heart with peace today with all there is to do. Try to make your list of things fun with Joe by your side -- I know it's not how you want to spend your time with him, but I have a feeling he will be glad to help you.

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