Monday, September 01, 2008

Garden delight

Today Joe, Alison and I went to the Botanic Gardens. It was a first for the three of us. Joe packed a perfect picnic lunch for us to eat when we got there. I would have liked to have stayed longer but the sun makes me tired and cranky and we couldn't tell if I was scorched or not. Turns out I wasn't but I looked awfully pink when we were there. The gardens are beautiful and I'd like to see them in every season.

On the way home, Joe and I stopped at a mall. The first time I've been to a mall since I moved here and this one was particularly fabulous. Joe bought me a pair of Chucks for my birthday and also some lotion I needed at Sephora.


Jeni said...

Have you used the DermaDoctor stuff before? I've thought about it for my KP, but wasn't sure if it really works.

Amy said...

This is my first time, too, Jeni and I got the stuff for KP so I'll keep you posted.

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