Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It was not to be

I'm not watching 90210. Why? Because it was preempted here by the Cubs. Since when are the Cubs more important than the long-awaited return of 90210? Ridiculous.


Nichole said...

Go Cubs!

(I think they said just a few minutes ago that 90201 will be on after the game.)

Alison said...

I was FURIOUS about it! I get that the cubs are important around here, but not airing the much anticipated series premiere of 90210 when scheduled?

I managed to stay up until 1 am watching the first hour. I DVRd the second. I thoroughly enjoyed many of the tie-ins: Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez, Erin Silver, asking Hannah, "what, are you, like, 30?" It was brilliant.

First impression was that they cast age appropriate actors this time around.

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