Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reality check

There's a lot of things you have to get used to when you're newly married. One of them is sharing. I share Joe's laptop in the spare room and, since I have free reign of it most of the day while he's at work, I just leave myself signed into my Google and Blogger accounts. (And since I've never shared a computer before that's just how I roll.) I don't know why but this really bugs Joe because when he goes to use those accounts he always has to sign me out first. He has taken it upon himself to "hijack" my blog twice now this week to teach me a lesson. He has written blogs about how I need to log myself out and another about how much I hate reality television and something about how smart my husband is...okay, okay. I will try to sign out. Geesh. So a word of warning to my readers, if you see anything suspicious it's probably not really from me. Suspicious as in the fact that I will probably never write about how reality television rots my brains. Sigh.


Nichole said...

I knew that wasn't you when it popped up in Google Reader! Joe has not, shall we say, captured your voice.

Rach said...

I saw the one about someone not logging off, but I missed the reality TV blog. I knew it was Joe though and thought it a little funny.

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