Monday, September 08, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Menus are back; this is my first week of menu planning after taking a hiatus for a couple weeks.

Monday: cheese tortellini with parmeasan
Tuesday: out with friends (Joe fends for himself)
Wednesday: dinner out (fondue, yeah!)
Thursday: breakfast-for-dinner (Joe's request of pancakes and bacon)
Friday: pizza
Saturday: red beans and rice, cornbread
Sunday: chicken stirfry


kate m. said...

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites plus it is easy! I didn't watch the VMAs, but I did think of you when I saw that they were on. From what I have seen, tt looks like the guy that hosted the VMAs was kind of crazy but not in a good way. Who is he anyway? Were they desparate for a hose?

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