Saturday, September 20, 2008

Out and about

Joe recently told me about a mall in the area that I had no idea existed. (If only I had driven a little bit further down one of the streets I'm on all the time I would have found it.) So Thursday morning I set out to find it and spent a couple hours exploring. It's not a particularly fancy mall but it's at least somewhat comprable to what I'm used to and I found many of the stores I like to visit inside so I'm calling it a success. Call me crazy but it almost gave me such a rush to find it. I think I like to pretend I'm so far from civilization living where we do. And, yes, I realize how ridiculous that may sound to you but sometimes you just want to be within walking distance of a train. (Although this would be the time and place to tell you that we have an amazing Target nearby which is HUGE and you have to take an escalator just to walk inside. Love it.) Anyway, I feel so much better knowing I'm just a few short minutes away from shopping!

Last night we met Joe's dad and Lynn for an improvised Shakespeare show at i.O. It was super funny and I can't believe how talented people are in order to do this kind of thing - wow! The theatre was in Wrigleyville and right around the corner from the stadium. The Cubs just finished playing (this is where I happily add that they were beat by the Cardinals!) so the streets were litered with people and it seemed like one huge party. I'll have to admit, the energy and excitement of it just seemed like so much fun.

This afternoon we are heading to the Museum of Contemporary Art and maybe a movie.


Barb said...

Hi Amy--

Our computer crashed and I don't have your e-mail or phone number. Will you send it to me? Thanks!

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