Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little bit of news

I've noticed that I blog less and less lately. Maybe it's because I don't have as much extra time anymore or maybe it's because I have nothing much to say. Probably a combination of both.

My mom went back to the doctor today, two weeks after her radioactive treatment and she still can't go back to work. So she will be off for another week and will go back to the doctor again next week to get the verdict. I'm sure at this point she's getting restless. She's used of talking to people every day and getting out and about. Some ladies from her church surprised her by painting her beauty salon yesterday and today. It's something she's been wanting to do but has never been able to get around to it. I am so grateful that my parents have so many people who care about them and are looking out for them.

On my agenda for the weekend is formal dress shopping. Yes, apparently I need a ball gown. Joe has a ball every year that he has to attend for work so I will be going this year. I think I hate formal dress shopping even more than swimsuit shopping...if that's possible. The dresses never seem to fit right. I didn't even like trying on wedding dresses and finally just selected my dress from online before ever trying it on. I am tempted to do that with this ocassion, too, so we'll see how it goes after I try on a few this weekend. I thought I'd at least get an idea of the style. But the event is just a few weeks away so I'd better get with it. (Nichole, you're good at dress may need to be my stylist.) Of course, wearing the gown, getting all dressed up and having a night on the town is usually's just the getting there that I don't like. Figuring out which dress, what shoes, how to wear your hair, what jewelry...I just feel unmotivated to figure it out. I have also realized that the older I get, the less and less makeup I wear. Most days I barely wear any at all...when did I decide to not like shopping and not like makeup? Maybe it has something to do with shopping for pants that never seem to fit...

I am missing the documentary film festival in CoMo this weekend so I'm trying to push it out of my mind. Hmm...that means exactly one year ago, I got engaged.


Nichole said...

You get to go to a ball!?! That's fabulous. I'm on it. My list will be over here!

Rach said...

Out of Nichole's picks so far...I like this one:

JS Boutique Cutaway Shoulder Beaded Waist Gown - - Nordstrom

Amy said...

I tried exactly one dress on before I decided I couldn't take it. Everything seemed too young or too old.

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