Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crumley gets a bath

Joe and I took this video last week of Crumley getting a bath. He hates bathtime and was hiding under the table when he knew what was about to happen. This was my pick for best documentary short.


BexInTheCity said...

LOL... adorable. I want to know why Joe had the easy task of filming though while you were wrestling a dog. Hmmmm?

Amy said...

Joe actually gave him the bath while I filmed that part and the bath was MUCH harder than wrangling him.

Alison said...

Oh Crumbles, how I love you!! Does his breath smell any better, too?

My favorite part is when he runs away after you take off his collar, and hides under the table again.

I must say, Princess, you've gotten quite adept at wrangling the dogs!

Amy said...

We still try to brush his teeth regularly but his breath is always hit or miss!

my3sons said...

Ok, that was by far THE FUNNIEST thing I have seen in a while and I watch alot of sitcoms! Anyway, its great! We never have to wrangle my Abbie girl (canine love of my life) but she sure hates a bath too....and we won't even TALK about her breath! It often times makes me wonder what in the world she could have possibly eaten! Love it Ames!

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