Saturday, February 07, 2009

Girl Day

I met Alison and her friend, Celina at a Chicago favorite for breakfast today. After that we went back to Alison's place and decided to paint on canvas. I would share a picture of my art but if you saw what Celina and Alison did and then saw what I did - you'd probably laugh. So I'm just going to say that I had fun hanging out with the girls today and channeling trying to channel my creative side.

I then met Joe so we could get our taxes done. The fact that we got married this year and were filing jointly was easy. But the fact that I had no IL income and Joe did and I had MO income and Joe didn't was throwing off the computer...or our tax guy. Which makes me cringe a bit because I want to get it right - obviously. But we finally left our paperwork and will go back in a few days after our tax preparer can figure out why the computer wasn't letting him do what he wanted to do...we'll see.

We've also been seeing movies in preparation for my favorite day fo the year - the Oscars! Last night we finally saw Benjamin Button. Joe was pleasantly surprised as he wasn't necessarily looking forward to it. (The makeup and special effects still have me amazed!) Last weekend we saw Milk - really good - and The Wrestler. (Good story/acting but a bit too violent for me.) So now I think we just have two more to see and we're done. I think we can handle that.


Anonymous said...

I know how the tax thing is. The first coule of year we were married Jeremy had all IL income and I had all MO it was a pain.

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