Sunday, June 01, 2008

Good times

Sara and I had such a fun Saturday together. It was action-packed. Lunch, Meera's baby shower, shopping, Breanne's baby shower and dinner, the Death Cab concert and then talking at home until 1:30 in the morning.

It's been a long time since we've had some one-on-one girl time together and I had forgotten how much mischief we used to get into. No mischief over the weekend unless you count Sara, Monica and I forgetting to pay for our dinner and leaving the very pregnant Breanne to pick up the tab (Sorry Breanne!) but just getting together reminded me of all the shenanigans of years' past. And, trust me, there were a lot of shenanigans!

We first met in study hall during our freshman year of high school. She was the new kid and she thought I was the loud girl who talked too much. It wasn't until our sophmore year that we really clicked and became inseparable. Sixteen years later, we're still great friends. Like a lot of friendships, we get busy and weeks can pass without us talking but we both know that we're always there for the other and that's a comforting and beautiful feeling. Thanks for the great weekend, Sara.


Alison said...

Sara looks great! I especially love the swooping bangs.

I also LOVE the turquoise necklace on you. Such a lovely color with your hair. I also wanted to tell you that I can see the weight loss. Good for you!!

Amy Sue said...

It's always great to see true old friends all look GREAT! :)

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