Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best. Concert. Ever.

I had so much fun at the concert last night. Like the good husband he is, Joe woke up when I got home and let me babble on and on about it. I remember being giddy and I think he asked me how much I'd had to drink which was completely irrelevant because I was just high on New Kids. (In fact, I think this might have been Alex's same reaction to Nichole and me a few years ago after seeing Jordan.) Right before bed I remember telling Joe he was old only I don't remember what the context was but it went something like this, "You're old...but not as old as Donnie Wahlberg!!" Sigh. I heart the New Kids. Below are just a few of my thoughts about the show.

  • Long live synchronized dancing.
  • 2+hours of some of the best video, choreography, special effects and pyrotechnics I have ever seen at a show.
  • The guys have a great wardrobe and had several changes.
  • Alison very intuitively noticed that when they sang old songs they used "old" hand-held mikes and when they sang new songs they used headsets.
  • The foot stomping, hand waving, dancing like you just don't care of about 20,000 screaming women during Hanging Tough was unbelievable.
  • All of the guys are cuter than ever.
  • Girls were still wearing homemade tshirts. My favorite read, "Too late Donnie, I'm married now."
  • Danny did some amazing breakdancing. Amazing.
  • The guys did some solo stuff. Jordan did a solo, Baby I Believe in You. (Check out the video below. Not from the same concert but this is what I saw in person.) Jordan also sang from his solo days, Give it to You and Joe did, Stay the Same. During Joe's song he did some eloquent dancing with one of the female dancers that totally rivaled anything I've seen Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze do.
  • At one point the guys left the stage to be on a small circle in the middle of the floor. We had a great view and it was so cool.
  • A lot of girls were there dressed like it was still the 80s/90s which was fun and we saw everything from brand-new NKOTB shirts to shirts from 20 years ago.
  • They were actually selling dinner plate-sized buttons at their merch tables!
  • Before the concert, you could text a message to the guys to appear on the jumbotron. At the last concert I went to people didn't even have cell phones!
  • I always thought Joe and Jordan were the two most popular ones but I saw more Donnie paraphernalia than anyone else. Hands down, it was all about Donnie last night.
  • Donnie de-pantsed himself on stage last night.
  • Their new music is great! Really.
  • Instead of Tiffany opening the show, we got Natasha Bedingfield. (She has a half-mullet.) And although she has several very popular songs, I was surprised that most of the 30 year olds new the theme song from The Hills the best.
  • They did a really beautiful video playing tribute to the people in their lives who had passed away in the 15 years since they'd retired. Many were celebrities or other musicians. When they got to their own parents, I almost lost it.
  • I had almost forgotten about No More Games but Donnie can still rap. :-)
  • And probably the biggest difference from the show I went to 17 years ago is that a good majority of the fans there were drinking.

And for the moment you've all been waiting for:


Anonymous said...

Was Jonanthan K there?


Amy said...

Jon was there but he never once spoke into the microphone to address the crowd, sang or did anything much other than stand there (when he wasn't part of the group dancing). Definitely still the shy one out of the bunch.

Nichole said...

That sounds just dreamy.

Alison said...

When he started singing this song, i did that 'jump-up-and-down-run-in-place' thing and squealed. Only at NKOTB.

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