Friday, October 24, 2008

Seventeen years in the making

April 5, 1991 - My parents picked Amber and me up for school early. We were headed to Columbia. We were headed to see New Kids on the Block. I remember debating whether or not I would wear one of my many New Kids t-shirts to the show or was I too cool to wear one of their shirts (oh the irony). In the end, I can't remember what I decided. Amber and I were giddy. We got to the show and I think I had to squint to see them. I had written a poem for Donnie. It was probably the cheesiest thing I've ever penned but I was determined to give it to him. With letter in hand the show started. Amber cried. After the show, we resisted filing out of the Hearnes Center - we were determined to meet the band. (Yes, I was a groupie even back then.) Finally some bodyguards insisted we leave so I left them with my letter to Donnie. Before we left, we took confetti from the stage and found my parents who thought we were lost forever. (I think the confetti must surely still exist somewhere in my old bedroom.) It wasn't too long after that the love began to fade. Amber and I tried to stay true to the end but eventually the band broke up and broke our hearts. In 2004, Nichole and I caught a solo Jordan but "Cover Girl" just isn't "Cover Girl" without Donnie. Tonight I'll be reunited with the band. I've spent more than half my lifetime waiting...Seventeen years, six months and nineteen days later - I'm going to see New Kids on the Block again! Tonight Alison and I are going to the show. I can't wait. Can't. Wait. Much more details tomorrow.


my3sons said...

I was a NKOTB fan myself.....and now I'm jealous that you and Alison are going to see them! My closest sighting of them recently was when they were on the Today Show.......They didn't disappoint for sure!!!!

my3sons said...

Oh and I forgot...have fun!!!! Blow a kiss to Donnie for me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Ames, I believe we wore our Harvard t-shirts because Harvard is in Boston and Donnie and Joe were from the Boston area. We were quite methodical if I may say so myself. Or did I wear my Harvard t-shirt and you wore a NKOTB t-shirt and we were embarassed when we stopped at a fast food joint to eat and you had your shirt on and people knew for sure where we were going? I am absolutely sure if I had a spare 10 minutes, I could find my confetti and full color program.

Oh yes, and Audrey was playing with my Joey doll (who now lives with her Barbie dolls) and he doesn't have a shirt on. I think she loves him too.

Have fun and blog about it as soon as you get home!


PS I didn't cry, I think I just got some smoke in my eyes. =)

PSS I can't believe you didn't mention the fact we didn't really get to see Danny. Remember how they had a guy in a hoodie that we were sure wasn't really him and then during the show that guy disappeared?

Nichole said...

I so wish you still had that poem. I hope the show is fabulous, and I hope Jordan grabs your hand again.

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