Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kick off my Sunday shoes

Footloose is going to be remade and Zac Efron is going to play Ren. I'm not sure how I feel about this. My first thought is why should you mess with perfection? I can't imagine liking anything as much as the original. Did I mention it's going to be a musical? Complete with new songs? It's true that I could end up jumping on the bandwagon at some point in time but right now I only want to think about Kevin Bacon playing Ren and that cute, perky Sarah Jessica Parker as Rusty. What do you think? Read more here.


Nichole said...

That's ridiculous. The beauty of "Footloose" is that it's so unaware of its cheesiness. You can't recapture that.

Alison said...

It's been a musical for awhile, although I wouldn't put them past it to re-do it as a movie. I saw it in Detroit. It was absolutely horrible, and I was glad that I didn't pay for my ticket. The guy they cast as Ren wasn't tough enough to pull it off. I kind of feel the same way about Zac Efron.

my3sons said...

While Zac Efron seems to do well as a teenager in his HSM roles, I do not believe he has what it takes to "replace" THE Kevin Bacon as Ren!!!! What is this world coming to!

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