Saturday, November 08, 2008

A day that would make Martha proud

In a quest to meet new people and to cultivate my "Martha" skills, I went to a luncheon hosted by my church today. (Alison came, too.) It wasn't just a regular luncheon though. There was an expert guest speaker who gave cooking demonstrations and talked about how to cook the perfect turkey. And then there was a segment on napkin folding and another on flower arranging/table decorating. Anyway, it was a very nice time. And the luncheon? Delicious. And I even met a few new people and have all sorts of new recipes to try out. I also feel very motivated to cook a turkey now. I came home to find my husband cleaning the house, baking dinner rolls and accomplishing all sorts of things. It's time to put my feet up and enjoy the rest of this Saturday!


Nichole said...

What a neat event! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Alison said...

It was fun. Amy failed to mention that I put out a fire shortly after we arrived. Literally. It was funny. See my blog for details.

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