Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughts about Matt

It was terribly cold walking from the train to the venue. And I spent waaay too much for a drink. And, no, I wasn't as close to Matt as I'd been in the past. But when he started singing Jesse's Girl and talking about poop, I felt strangely at home. I laughed at his crazy hair. I swooned. I reminisced. I remembered that the last show I went to was when my sister was in labor and I kept checking my phone, waiting for the call. I thought about all the guys I knew who had played his songs on their acoustic guitars. Then there was that time I met him and he told me I was cute. And when he yelled at the crowd I laughed and thought about all the times he'd done that before. It wasn't until he said, "Are you ready Chicago?" that I felt like an outsider. Is this really my town? Do I really live here? A lot of days I still feel like a visitor. It's really a strange feeling. There are days I think it's about time for me to head back to Columbia and go back to my old apartment and job...and then I remember - I live here. It's crazy. I like it. I'm just not quite used to it yet. P.S. I missed you, B.


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