Monday, March 01, 2010

Baby Love

Over the weekend, I was able to meet Bryndyn and Taina's new baby, Trystyn. She is so sweet and looks so much like Taina! I also enjoyed spending time with Tia and Caelleb. It had been over a year since Tia had seen me but she still wanted to snuggle in my lap which made me feel so loved...she also told me that I looked like Hannah Montana! I am taking that as a compliment!

Taina and Trystyn

I also was able to love on Ben and Rachel's Alia. I wanted to take her home to Chicago with me. We asked her if she wanted to go home with me and she said yes (or maybe she just nodded her head). Somehow I think her mom and dad would not be cool with that.
Amy and Alia


Sandi said...

So glad you got to see them -- I'm heading there in a couple of weeks!

Rach said...

I think Alia's exact response was "Yeah!"

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