Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today I got to meet Chelsea Handler at a book signing for her new book. (If you're wondering, it was tough to get a good photo because it was such a rush once you got to the front of the line.) Not surprisingly, I had absolutely nothing clever to say to her once we were face to face. But I do adore Chelsea. Joe and I listened to her last book on our Thanksgiving trip to Virginia and, back in my single days, I would watch her show every night from the comfort of my bed and then fall to sleep shortly thereafter. As it stands now, I catch it whenever I can and love her despite the fact (or because of the fact?) that she is wildly inappropriate.


Nichole said...

Amy, I have no idea who that is.

groovininthesun said...

I think she's hilarious and props to someone who actually made money writing about all her one night stands. I would have asked her about Chewy.

my3sons said...

I do love her because she is wildly inappropriate!!! I listened to one of her books here at work and even my boss thought she was hilarious!

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