Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The big day

I am so exhausted. First, I was too excited/nervous to sleep last night so I woke up at 2 am unable to go back to sleep. Second, my brain is not used of thinking so much. Here's how my day went. I started getting ready around 6 am. Left the house around 6:55 but not before I got my car stuck in the driveway and Joe had to push it out. (Did I mention this happened on Sunday, too?) I got to the train station about ten minutes later. I parked and waited amongst all the other commuters for another ten or so minutes. Then I boarded the train for the 30 minute ride. I got off downtown and walked a half a mile (while it was snowing - and right past the Sears Tower!) to my office building. My day was filled with orientation and back-to-back meetings. (The office was having inauguration festivities today but unfortunately I couldn't participate due to my meetings.) My new boss and coworker brought me flowers and chocolates for my first day and my husband sent me a bouquet as well. Even though it's so much easier than sitting in rush-hour traffic, I think the commute will be the hardest part for me. The train ride itself isn't that bad but it's all the waiting around before hand and getting to and from that make it a long, tedious process. Just something new for me to get used to but I'm sure I will soon enough. We ate frozen pizza tonight and I'm so tired that I think I may never cook during the week again. Did I mention how exhausted I am? Oh and I almost forgot the other exciting news. We got Joe a new (to us) car last night. Feels like a weight has been lifted from both of us just to be rid of his old car.

I work on the 31st floor of this building. How cool is that?

Joe insisted on taking my picture today. Kind of like the first day of school.


Adoption Momma said...

You looked great. I hope you get some sleep tonight and have a wonderful rest of the week.

Nichole said...

You looked wonderful, and how sweet of your new co-workers to give you such a welcome!

Rach said...

Can you bring a book or magazine to help the wait time?

my3sons said...

Congrats on the new job! You looked awesome for your first day! The exhaustion will subside I'm sure, you just have to get back into the swing of things again! I love the thoughtfulness of your boss and co-workers to send you such a wonderful treat!!

Sandi said...

Congrats! I bet once it all becomes old hat that the commute won't be that big of a deal -- you can people watch, read, eat, etc. :)

Alison said...

I adore the fact that Joe took your picture. And you look great!

I found the Metra to be easier to deal with the CTA. After awhile I bet you'll find your groove and be comfortable. I also often brought a bagel and a travel cup of coffee with, and read a magazine or book. Perhaps it's time to invest in a portable DVD player or ipod with that capability and you can watch your shows or something?

My bosses had flowers for me my first day, too. It was indicative of a really great working environment.

Want to go grab dinner on Friday and celebrate, or do you have plans with the hubby?

Susan said...

So glad your first day went so well! Congrats again on the new job!

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