Monday, January 05, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

If it seems like we have pizza every week that's because we do. Almost. It's my husband's favorite food, it's quick, it's easy and it tastes great. I guess pizza is a good standby for us each week. What about you? Does your weekly menu feature a "regular" meal?

Monday: Shredded beef tacos (Nichole's recipe)
Wednesday: Chili and cornbread
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Baked fish and veggies


Nichole said...

We have pizza every week, too! I try to vary the toppings, but it's usually pepperoni and pineapple. We've been having chili every week lately, too.

Rach said...

Pizza is a pretty regular staple and usually chicken of some kind (I buy the frozen bags).

Alison said...

MMM...never tried pepperoni and pineapple. I LOOVE bacon and pineapple. Know my fellow bacon-lover Nichole would like that, too!

I almost always have quesadillas of some sort using some leftovers. For example, tonight I will shred up what's left of a T-Bone to saute up with some peppers and onions, then insert into a quesadilla. Yum!

Hayley said...

I started having a Potato bar every week, and than tacos every week, but I really love homemade pizza, so maybe I should do that every week. Then I'd have 3 meals a week all set!! LOL....maybe I'll just rotate these meals instead. :)

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