Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pizza's in the oven

Alison (once again) hooked us up with tickets to see a play tonight. The timing was also great because Joe has class. The plan was to have dinner ready when Joe came home, we'd eat, I'd take him to class (we're sharing a car these days) and then I'd go meet Alison. I was making this. I have no idea what possessed me. It doesn't look like something I'd normally attempt but for some reason it sounded good - and unique. I put it in the oven and after 35 min it still wasn't done. After 45 min, I still had my doubts. And the shredded potatoes didn't look so crispy and great like Rachel's potatoes. In fact, they kind of looked green. Joe was being a good sport and so I served us both a piece and we sat down at the table. I took a bite. I hated it. And then Joe took a bite. And without saying much else we put our forks down and the pie went straight in the garbage. Thankfully there's still time for a frozen pizza and it's in the oven. Now I've made some things that we haven't been crazy about but I think this goes down in history as my very first inedible meal. Whew! Got that one out of the way.


Nichole said...

Amy. That looks like something you'd serve with Sausage.

Amy said...

I'm assuming you mean "you" as in other people because we all know I would never serve sausage. Not. Ever.

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