Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chi-town update

1. The kitchen now resembles a kitchen. Same with living room, dinning room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. (Still lots of clutter but at least you can tell what room you're in.)
2. I will be cooking my first meal tonight. With things somewhat in order in the kitchen there are no more excuses. And we're on a budget. One income, two people. Lots of bills. Eating out isn't going to be an option for awhile.
3. I hate unpacking clothes and putting stuff away in the closet. This was one of the perks of Meagan helping me last time. She did a fantastic job organizing my closet. I have managed to procrastinate this one all week and have been sifting through garbage bags to find clothes each day.
4. I haven't watched E! all week. And PerezHilton is all but a distant memory. Sigh.
5. Where is that pesky address book?


J. said...

You are doing an amazing job. Very proud of my lovely wife-to-be.

Susan said...

Hey Girl! Hang in there! It will all happen in due time! OH, Holly Grant was in today (She used to work with us at C& you remember her?) Anyway her dad passed away from cancer. We were reminiscing about the old days and she asked about you. She also said congrats b/c she saw your engagement announcement in the paper! Congrats and Best Wishes this weekend! Have an AMAZING time!

Rach said...

What did you cook? Your mom doesn't have your address book does she?

Judith said...

Although each moving out/in day should actually count for a MONTH due to the amount of work accomplished & the seasons of feelings that come each day--you've actually made impressive land-speed moving time! The worst is over--smoother sailing ahead!! The 'new neighborhood' explorations can be daunting--but hopefully will start to be fun soooon. Thinking of you two every day--and toasting each small victory. Have just a GREAT vacation/wedding/honeymoon!! Island hugs from afar!

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