Friday, July 18, 2008

The next chapter

It's definitely been an emotional week but honestly I think I'm handling it much better than I had anticipated. Joe came via bus last night and I was too tired to do much of the work I still needed to do. (I think emotions can be physically draining and I had worked hard this past week.) Today he's off running errands, seeing friends and taking care of a few things for me. Tonight we see The Dark Knight and then we pack up the truck tomorrow. I think I'm just ready to be settled...and I'm ready for Jamaica!


Nichole said...

I'm ready for Jamaica, too.

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage Sweet Ames. Enjoy packing and loading up the big truck. Doesn't seem that long ago I drove down with my car loaded down with your Palmyra belongings to your Broadway Village apartment. . . . Congrats on everything and I look forward to hearing about the wedding and honeymoon. Enjoy your new life as man and wife! ANS

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