Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Lots of stuff to take care of these days. It's always such a pain to move and change your address 500 times. I'm sure after I get the address changed, I'll be changing my name 500 times on every thing. The stickers on my car are due in July so that is my first order of business once I move - new license plates! Joe says this (license plates, changing my address and name) will give me something to do when I get to Chicago and it will force me to drive around and keep busy. Not to sound pessimistic but I think I'll have enough to keep me busy...like unpacking!

And speaking of my car, I took it in today because it's been making this weird noise for the past month and a half. (And other people have heard the noise so, contrary to popular belief, it's not just me.) Anyway, I take it in and of course they can't hear it. So I'm fully expecting to pick up my car and make the guys drive around with me so I can say, "See! That noise! I told you. Ha." but they are gone to lunch. So I leave in my car for lunch, too. And guess what? No noise. Nada. I went back to work. I don't know whether to be happy or frustrated. Joe thinks maybe my car is in remission but I think it's just playing tricks on me.

I received my cable bill last night for my internet and it was more than twice the cost it usually is with no explanation. It even shows where I paid my bill last month and it was at a different cost. So I called last night and was on hold for over 35 minutes (and once I was even randomly disconnected). Finally I got so frustrated that I hung up for good and called it a night. I called today and got someone right away who was fairly helpful but I was still a little annoyed from last night. She told me that when she hung up to stay on the line and I could take an automated survey about my experience. Satisfaction! Next thing you know I hear the dial tone and she's hung up on me and the survey is not to be. Is it just me or are cable and cell phone companies almost always known for bad customer service?


Dorian said...

Amy, we'll both be Illinois resident now!

Rach said...

Have fun paying for those Illinois plates!! It's expensive!

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