Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More unpacking

I spent my day unpacking more stuff. I still haven't touched my clothes but need to get to it soon in time to repack for my trip to Jamaica; our flight leaves at 6 am on Saturday. The AC decided to stop working yesterday afternoon. I kept thinking I was hot and sweaty because I was working so hard. Joe came home and told me to step outside. I did and realized it was several degrees cooler out there. Took most of today to get someone here to fix it. So I have mostly unpacked my posessions drenched with sweat. Not my idea of fun but at least I'm making progress. By the end of tomorrow I hope to feel really good about things. Also the dogs came home from the kennel tonight. I don't think they quite know what to make of all the mess and the new furniture and posessions.


Jeni said...

Poor you, unpacking with no AC! Ick! It sounds like you're doing well; I hope you can have things settled enough that you have a relaxed time in Jamaica!

Nichole said...

We looked at a house with no AC a few days ago. Had I known it didn't have AC, we wouldn't have gone! I can't live without my artificially cool house.

Jen said...

Well, it doesn't get that hot in Chi-town for long. No heat would be worse. ;)

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