Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quality Control

I had lunch with my friend Barb today. I knew ahead of time what salad I was going to order because it always comes with a particularly yummy and buttery roll that I love. Today the roll was absent. When the salad came and the waiter asked if everything looked okay or if we needed anything else I said, "Um, yeah, doesn't the salad usually come with a roll?" He told me that they discontinued the rolls about a month ago due to a quality issue. Huh?


Jen said...

Yea, that's crazy. What in the world were they doing to those rolls, anyway????????

Meantime, LOVE the picts of Addison and the card. So cute, both of them.

Alison said...

Wow...that's bizarre. I'd wager it has to do with COST control, not quality control! Have you noticed that Edy's has started selling smaller ice cream containers for the same price? I'd rather they sold the same size, for a higher price!

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