Friday, August 08, 2008

Fun times in Chicago

Before I moved here and before we got married, Joe and I decided to implement "date night" which would help us make sure we were spending some quality time together each week doing something fun. We also want to spend one time each week doing something to explore the city. Tonight our date night just so happened to also be a way to explore the city. Originally we were going to go to a movie tonight but the movie we want to see is going to be more convenient to see tomorrow along with another adventure we have in mind. For our date tonight we decided to go to Buckingham Fountain. Once it's dark they do a light/music show for twenty minutes each hour. We sat on a bench and did one of the things I like best - we watched other people and we ate ice cream. On the way back to the El we walked around Millennium Park. So there you have it. Our first $20 date in the city.


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