Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sox game

I had just started dinner last night when Joe called from work and said, "You want to go to a Sox game?" Sure! I hurried through making dinner, we quickly ate and we went to the game. I was excited they were playing the team from my hometown state not known for their reputation as a good team but it still made me feel a little warm and nostalgic. We had a sweet suite complete with an awesome view and free food and drinks. (Who can beat free at a baseball game?) Turned out to be a lovely night. Great weather, great time with Joe. The Sox did win 9-0 which made me actually feel a little bad for the Royals. I think I was worrying about them getting their feelings hurt everytime someone would mess up and the stadium would go wild with cheers. Go figure.


Rach said...

I hate to say this, but I'm pretty sure the Royals are used to disappointment.

Karen H said...

Here's another Missouri connection:
Joe Crede, third-baseman for the White Sox, is from Westphalia (near Jefferson City)!

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