Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weddingmoon - Day five

We went on a shopping excursion in Negril. It was more touristy than I had hoped.

One of the things we enjoyed doing at our resort was feeding the fish. There were beautiful gardens and ponds with lots of fish, a couple of turtles and some birds were always hanging out trying to eat some of the fish. I could have stood there for hours.

Our afternoon was spent on the beach. I think I must have used more sunscreen than ever before. Still got a tiny bit pink but not sunburned so it paid off! It's true that in Jamaica you can get anything you want. Anything. One day while Joe was in the water, and I was trying to keep shade under my big hat with my People magazine when a local man approached me. "Your husband smoke?" No, I answered. "You liked cakes? Brownies?" Yes, I mean, no. No, I don't like "brownies." I don't think I'll ever get used to that...

One thing about Jamaica is that there are lots of nasty flies/fleas that will come out at night and bite you. We knew about this ahead of time so we brought bug repellant but we still got bit up pretty badly. Not fun. Definitely a minus to our trip.


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