Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I have really enjoyed cooking. I think it was something I never had the energy to do just for myself but I love doing it for others. I have noticed that whenever I cook (even if it's a relatively small recipe) we end up eating on things for a couple days. This suits us just fine for lunches or leftovers during the week. I'm finding that I can pick out a few good recipes for a week and we can just make do with leftovers or improvise as needed. I'm not too stringent with planning and it pains me to think an entire week out but I can see things through the work week without a problem. Below is what I have in mind for the week (also known as Rachel Ray week).

Monday: Zucchini and bow-tie pasta

Tuesday: Ginger-lime chicken with green beans and wasabi smashed potatoes

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Salsa stoup and double- decker baked quesadillas

Friday: leftovers or date night out


Rach said...

So proud of you on the cooking front!

Nichole said...

Can I come over on Tuesday? That sounds like an awesome meal!

lwinn said...

Hello Amy. Finally had some time to catch up on your wedding, move and new life a as a domestic diva. Stinks about the job rejection. Chin up and keep looking. Sure miss our lunch dates at Pickelman's. Drop me a line when you get minute. Take care! Linda

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