Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weddingmoon - Day three

It's my wedding day! The night before Joe and I exchanged wedding gifts. I agonized over what to get for him and settled on typewriter key cufflinks with his initials. I thought it was the perfect gift. He loves old typewriters and loves to wear cufflinks. Little did I know he already had a pair! Oops. The ones he had (with his initials, too) were yellow and the pair I gave him were black and a little fancier than what he had which was good; he loved them! He gave me a beautiful turqouise necklace and matching earrings. Perfect for me!

After breakfast and walking around on the beach, Joe and I just spent an hour just laying in a hammock. It was so peaceful. A staff member named Melbourne came up to us while we were in the hammock and brough us a coconut from the tree. He cut it open and we drank from the inside of it. Then he sliced it in half and we both got to eat part of it. He said it goes right to your heart!

After our adventure with Melbourne, I went to the spa to have my hair and makeup done. I loved how it turned out but none of their lipstick suited me. Too pink, too brown, too neutral, etc. I sent Joe to get my makeup bag and we went with my Downtown Brown. I couldn't imagine using anything else!


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