Sunday, December 28, 2008


Christmas was hard. We all seemed to go through the motions but were still in shock from Lea's passing. It's been a hard week on everyone. I've been thinking nonstop about my cousin. She put on such a brave face that I think none of us really knew how sick she was. My heart and my gut told me she wasn't well but I don't think I knew it was so dire.

I could share so many memories about her that I wouldn't know where to stop but here are just a few: Growing up, I named one of my favorite dolls SueLea after my cousins, Sue and Lea. Lea refused to call my doll by her given name and instead chose to call her LeaSue so that she could get top-billing. One of my favorite memories is of us taking her car to get traded in when we were both much younger and we found out that an entire mouse nest had been living under her driver's seat. I still get chills thinking about it! She made the best mashed potatoes out of anyone I knew. And I don't think she ever called me by my first name alone. She always called me, "Amy Jean" every time she saw me. She was bubbly and happy and beyond generous. She loved life and really enjoyed herself. Her passing leaves a huge void. Life surely won't be the same.

Friday night, I spent some time at my parent's house looking through old photo albums and found some great pictures of us as kids. I hope to scan a few and would like to post them sometime.


Sandi said...

Amy, thank you for sharing more about your cousin. I'm sorry that your Christmas was so hard. I was thinking of you.

Susan said...

Just wanted to say it was great seeing you Sat. although I hope next time is under better conditions! The service was very nice and not over the top...Lea would have been pleased! Remembering all her wonderful qualities will help the holidays and everyday without her a little easier!

Carrie Smith said...

Amy, I hope you get this, first time I've blogged. I don't get to into the tech stuff. Anyway, the thing I remember most about Lea was when she took us to a concert in Hannibal. I think it was Damn Yankees and Bad Company. I really thought I was big stuff going to a concert with someone 5 or 6 years older than me. It's fun to remember the good times.

Amy said...

I did get your comment, Carrie! I had totally forgotten about her taking us to the concert. That was a big deal!

Alison said...

You summed up Lea well. I couldn't help but smile at your memories, especially the 'Amy Jean' and 'LeaSue' bits. Sounds JUST like her! She was (and will remain) a very special person. My favorite slash not memory of her is her calling us out BY NAME at Ellen's wedding, then proceeding to grab the wireless mike and walk over to us to make us get up for the bouquet tossing.

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