Monday, December 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Whenever we are out of town we kennel our dogs which is anything but cheap. So I was especially pleased today when I went to the grocery store and spent a record low amount. And New Year's Eve is this week but I'm not sure what it will bring. No plans so far. It's likely we will just be at home snacking and watching movies.

Monday: leftovers (beef polenta pie)
Tuesday: out (Joe's friends visiting)
Wednesday: New Years Eve?
Thursday: lemon chicken with rice
Friday: pizza
Saturday: quiche
Sunday: veggie pasta primavera


Jeni said...

How do you make your lemon chicken? I've made orange chicken a few times, but never lemon. (Unless you count my Greek chicken.)

Is the pasta primavera recipe from by chance? They have one that I LOVE, but I think it has chicken in it.

Amy said...

Jeni, I found links to the lemon chicken and pasta primavera recipes and added them. Both are new to us so I hope they turn out! I will have to check out the recipe you mentioned at

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