Thursday, December 18, 2008

A lucky day

With the slumping economy, seems like everyone is tightening their belts these days. We have cut back on a lot of the extras and one of them is eating out. Tonight we made an exception and went to a local Chinese restaurant. When we got our bill our waiter brought us a box of tea and said, "Merry Christmas" or maybe it was, "Happy Holidays" but either way it was totally unexpected and very nice. Then while we were paying our check he brought back a fancy red envelope. He explained that inside was a gift card for $20. No strings attached. Just another way that the restaurant was wishing their patrons well during the holidays. Wow. Joe and I were both stunned. And maybe they're on to something. With so many cutting back on things like eating out, what a great way to get people to come back or to think of them first when they do go out to eat.

But that's not all. Just before we left the house tonight, Joe opened our gas bill and found we had been credited for $700. Seems that since he has lived here he's been overpaying each month. This is due to the fact that our meter is inside and he's always away at work when they come to read it, so they estimate. Now that I'm home, the meter man/lady can come anytime. So we don't have a gas bill for a few months. And Joe called just to double check that it wasn't a mistake. Needless to say, we felt like our luck had turned even if it was just for the evening. In fact, we stopped to buy a couple lottery tickets. Something we NEVER do. But maybe this is our lucky day...or maybe it was just a good day.


Nichole said...

What an awesome day!

Susan said...

Either sounds like you had a great evening and a start to a wonderful Holiday Season! Merry Christmas Amy!!!

Lasiter Family said...

What an awesome day. And sorry to hear about your mom.

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